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Course Overview

ANDIAMO IN ITALIA: Language support material for Learning Italian Activity Book Level 1 to 7

Please note:

  • Each booklet contains useful basic language activities purposely provided for the fast learning of the Italian language in a fun and playful way
  • Based on 1 lesson per week AT A MAXIMUM 30 MINUTES per class, the Andiamo in Italia booklets, expertly written by teachers for teachers, and linked to each year level progressive learning development, provide the language teacher a great help for engaging the class in a clear and positive learning atmosphere. In other words, no photocopying, gluing each sheet in their work book, available for those who miss a lesson.
  • In Language Learning there is no such a thing as “IN LINE WITH THE CURRICULUM”. The language does not change in the content, maybe we can change the way in delivering the content, but the rest is always the same, CIAO is CIAO, Buongiorno is Buongiorno and so is Arrivederci. Thanks to the dedication of the ANDIAMO in ITALIA team, these booklets have been revised, reviewed and updated 4 times since the first publication in 1987. The content has been copied, manipulated and adopted by other language companies, none however could achieve our aim in providing a quality products at an unbeatable price. In Italy we say Chi non ti vuole o chi ti vuole a basso prezzo, non ti merita”. Which means “who doesn’t want you or wants you at a low price, does not deserve you’.